A live in care agency with NHS expertise

Unlike other live-in care agencies, Independent People Homecare was started by NHS Directors over 10 years ago who had a clear vision about what would make the best kind of home care.

As Clinicians, they were increasingly frustrated by sub-standard home care companies – they noticed that when people were discharged from hospital with care packages, patients would often end up being readmitted again and again trapped in a downward spiral of dependency, falling confidence and poor health. The response to was to always increase the home care package and advise families that living at home was no longer possible and that a care home would now be the best place. As Clinicians they knew there was an alternative – live in care.

As a provider of Live-in care services we have seen the demand for our high level of Live-in care services that we provide grow year on year. We believe that care is about supporting and caring for people in a way that helps them to still be in control of their life and to be able to make their own informed choices.

Why choose Independent People Homecare:

  • We are a fully managed live-in care provider. We pay and manage your carers
  • Regulated by the Care Quality commission. (We are legally accountable for our live in care service and routinely checked through unannounced visits from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure that our customer’s and their families are receiving the highest level of care).
  • A bespoke live in care service. Every live-in care package is tailored to your individual needs and requirements
  • All live in carers are employed by us and they are rigorously police checked and trained by us
  • Strick recruitment and assessment process for live in carers
  • Complex Care expertise
  • We perform regular spot checks which are unannounced inspection visits to customer’s homes to ensure the highest level of care is being provided
  • 24hr care and support/7 days per week
  • Continuity of care – customers will never be left without a carer
  • FREE Physiotherapy Rehabilitation exercises with every live in care plan (we are the only care provider to have a trained Physiotherapist)
  • Local Care Service Manager local to you
  • Nationwide coverage across every town and village in England and Wales
  • Transparent information
  • Carer choice
  • Involvement in arranging household and equipment ordering
  • Experienced Management team consisting of NHS Clinical Directors with extensive clinical care experience.

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