At Independent People Homecare, we understand living with sight loss can be challenging. Being told you have a visual impairment that can’t be treated can be difficult to come to terms with. However, we believe everyone affected by sight loss can face the future with confidence.

Our care agency can help support those who are living with eye diseases such as; glaucoma and macular degeneration, hereditary conditions or even eye injuries, on a short or long term basis with the support of a live-in carer.

Specialist Support For Visual Impairment

Most people want to stay at home when they have been diagnosed with a visual impairment and we understand there’s really no substitute for your own home. IP Homecare Carers have an enormous amount of experience in caring for those who have limited vision. They are trained to understand how those who are visually impaired, can often causes depression and feelings of isolation and helplessness. Some people experience a range of emotions including shock, anger and denial similar to bereavement before eventually coming to accept their condition.  

How can IP Homecare help with my visual impairment?

We can help them maintain their independence and regain their confidence. We fully believe that live in care for those, who are visually impaired offers a route that’s not only affordable, but that also provides customers with the physical and psychological support – needed to continue living a rich, fulfilling life..

Our dedicated team are on hand to guide you every step of the way. A Care Manager will visit you or your loved one, where they will chat about your care and support options and begin to put together a personalised care plan, which is tailored around the unique challenges of living with vision loss.  

Our Live-in Carer will be able to carry out all kinds of everyday tasks on the individual’s behalf. They’ll be on hand to prepare meals, clean around the home, carry out the weekly shop and administer medication where necessary. They’ll also be a valuable source of emotional support and they will encourage the customer to stay positive, keep active, and talk about the issues which they’re facing.

To  understand more about our live in care services for those with impaired vision, call us on 0808 278 2389 or you can contact us via email and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and provide you with free, no-obligation advice.