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Tips to keep older people cool this summer

As the weather heats up – did you know older people need to be more careful of overheating and heat stroke because their bodies can’t adjust to high temperatures as well as younger people can? Being hydrated is also extremely important for certain medications to work properly. Older people are more vulnerable in the hot […]

Employee of the Month Winners – June 2021

At IP Homecare we always hear about inspirational individuals who have gone above the call of duty to deliver care. The difference our staff make to the lives of our customers deserves recognition and one way that we do this is through our employee of the month program. It’s a wonderful opportunity to thank you […]

Supporting a Disabled Student at University

Can you get support at university for a disabled student? Having a disability doesn’t need to be a barrier if you want to go to university. Whether you need support with cleaning and cooking, getting to and from lectures or just need some help taking notes, there is an abundance of support you can access […]

Concerned Dad Requires Extra Support at Home?

Does dad need extra support and care at home? Did you know after each father’s day and bank holiday, homecare services across the country see a sharp rise in call numbers? In 2020, families became even more distant than ever before. Due to COVID – 19 and continual lockdowns we left larger amounts of time […]

IP Homecare appoints a new Registered Manager

IP Homecare, a fast growing provider of homecare services is delighted to announce a new Registered Manager has joined Independent People Homecare. Irene Kist is originally from the Netherlands and has been working in health and social care for over 11 years and is incredibly passionate about supporting the elderly and vulnerable people in the […]

Why Choose Live-in Care?

As we get older, it’s normal for our health to begin to deteriorate, and many of us find ourselves needing a little extra help in our daily lives. Families are often faced with the difficult decision of whether to move their loved one into a care home or not. But there is another alternative – […]

Worried a relative is showing signs of Dementia?

Did you know that each Easter, social services departments and home care agencies across the country see a sharp spike in call numbers? Due to COVID – 19 families became even more distant than ever before and we left larger amounts of time between visits, missing the opportunity to constantly check-in on our relatives. This […]

A Day in the Life of a Live-in Carer

One of the most common questions we get asked here at IP Homecare is: “What is a live-in carer? And what do they do?”. Perhaps the best answer is another question: what don’t they do? Live-in care involves the provision of 24-hour support in the comfort of your loved one’s home, but it’s about much […]

5 Myths About Old Age You Shouldn’t Believe

In society today, stereotypes of old age are rarely positive. Whether it’s helplessness, forgetfulness or loneliness, myths about aging can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of elderly people – and are oftentimes untrue. While it’s normal to slow down slightly as we get older, aging shouldn’t have to mean giving up the activities […]