For the elderly or disabled, living at home can bring with it a number of challenges that can get harder to complete independently as time progresses. This is where IP Homecare’s live in care service can be used in order to lend that much needed helping hand. Our staff are fully trained to a professional standard and administer exceptional care to patients on an individual basis, taking special consideration to adapt to their needs.

Live in Care services in Worcestershire

For every patient, we strive to cover every aspect of care, looking after everything from the basics through to more complex, tailored treatments. Preparing and cooking fresh, nutritional meals for our patients also goes hand-in-hand with the physical and mental support we offer them, allowing them to fully relax in their own home and feel cared for on every possible level.

Types of Live-In Care in Worcestershire

Please find below the full list of conditions which we are able to care for in the county of Worcestershire at The Independent People Homecare:

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Live in Care Worcestershire

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Alongside our live in care service, we can also offer a hospital discharge service for patients who may be attending upcoming or recurring appointments.

If you are looking for live-in care in the county of Worcestershire and you would like to discuss the possible options available, then simply call us on 0808 278 2389 for more information or to arrange a FREE care assessment. Alternatively, you can contact us via email.