What is the difference between introductory and  managed Live-in care agencies?

A fully managed live-in care agency like Independent People Homecare employ, train and supervise the carers directly. They will interview them, check references, do background and criminal record checks and will provide ongoing training. They take complete responsibility for the management of the live-in care service, rather than this being the responsibility of the customer.

They are regulated and continually assessed by the Care-Quality-Commission (CQC) who inspect the services that are being offered. The Live-in Carers are employed directly by the agencies therefore they are responsible for paying the carers for sick pay, holiday pay, and to make national insurance and pension contributions.

What are the key benefits of a fully managed live in care agency?

Continuity of care
Customer’s will never be left without the support of a living in carer. Each customer and their families have access to a 24 hour on call service which is manned by a care management team.

The customer is not employing the carer directly therefore all responsibilities associated with the  service is managed by the live-in care provider and not the customer.

Regulated by the Care Quality Commission
All fully managed live-in care agencies are regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Introductory live-in care agencies are not under the remit of the care quality commission as they are not acting as a provider of care.

Introductory Live-in care agencies
Introductory agencies are live in care agencies that introduce Live-in carers to the customer. The Live-in carers work on a self-employed basis and will take care of all their own tax affairs and are free to be registered with a number of  care agencies.

Introductory care services are slightly cheaper than that of a fully managed Live-in care service. However it is important to note that with this model the family is legally in a direct contract with the live in carer and are involved in the administration of the service. You’ll need to take on cerain responsibilities as an employer as are directly responsible for paying the carer. This means you’ll have to think about tax, salary, sickness and holiday pay, pension, and liability insurance.

Is a managed service or an introduction service better for me?

It really depends on your own situation. If the customer is vulnerable, or has complex care needs and by themselves with no family nearby then a fully managed service like Independent People Homecare is the better option.

Managed services are slightly more expensive, usually at least £100 a week more than introductory agencies. However they offer a better service as they are inspected regularly by the Care Quality Commission and closely monitor and provide ongoing training for the carers. Introductory live-in care agencies are not under the remit of the care quality commission as they are not acting as a provider of care.


Below we show the differences between the 2 services to help guide you.

Introductory Live-in Care Agency


Managed Live In Care Agency

Customer is contracting the Carer          V Live-In Care Provider employs, trains and manages the Carer. They also carry out background and DBS police checks
Not regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)          V Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)
Customer manages the Carer          V Fully Managed Live in care Service Provision
Pay for the services you use          V All inclusive Pricing

At Independent People Homecare we are fully managed live in care agency. To find out more about our Live in care and visiting care services or to arrange a FREE care assessment – please call or email: hello@iphomecare.co.uk