“IP Homecare practice what they preach. Their Carers do truly care”

Meet one of our live-in care customers. Derek is living with Multiple Sclerosis.  Before he was diagnosed with MS in 2005 he worked in the building trade in Newbury and still is passionate about property and fixing things.

2 years ago we received a call saying that Derek was unhappy with his current live-in care agency and could we help. He was unhappy with the Carers saying they “did not care”. He was using an introductory agency – so all their live-in Carers were self-employed and weren’t managed at all.

A fully-managed live-in care agency

Our customer service team explained to Derek – that IP Homecare was a fully managed live-in care agency which meant we employ, train and supervise the carers directly and ensure he would never be left without a carer. We also interview them, check references, do background and criminal record checks and provide ongoing training. Basically. we take complete responsibility for the management of the live-in care service, rather than this being the responsibility of the customer.

Derek was very impressed and shortly after our care assessment, we matched Derek with Michael who as an experienced carer shared Derek’s passion for property. With the support of his live-in Carer, Derek can now be found in his beloved garage generally fixing things. 2 years later, Michael is still caring and supporting Derek and when Michael takes a break, a temporary carer is provided therefore always ensuring continuity of care.